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engage for change

Our Social Change Program offers a framework for empowering and supporting community members as they deal with challenges related to racism and other forms of oppression, and promotes social change through advocacy and education.

This program facilitates workshops and conversations that foster positive relationships and strengthen our community. We provide opportunities for community members, business partners, non-profit organizations, students, and YWCA staff to create a more inclusive community and advocate for public policy changes.

The Social Change Program does not have ongoing volunteer opportunities, but the program relies on short-term volunteers to provide program assistance, educational/school support and event support on an as-needed basis. Volunteers with relevant experience and/or education in social justice, oppression, and experience with facilitation are encouraged to apply.


Apply online or learn more about volunteer opportunities with the Social Change Program by contacting Nichole Peppers, Interim Director of Volunteer Development, at 360 906 9112 or email hidden; visit site for full address.