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The WORTH Program relies on caring, supportive volunteers, and community resources and referrals to provide support and encouragement to women incarcerated in the Clark County Corrections Center. Volunteers offer support through companionship and conversation to clients during weekly visits to the facility.

When women feel supported, are listened to, and develop skills, they can regroup and rebuild their families which strengthens our community. WORTH bridges the gap that incarcerated women and men face when transitioning back into their community by providing:

  • jail visitation
  • advocacy
  • facilitation of positive interaction between parents and children
  • community agency and resource information
  • assistance with re-entry into society
  • clothing

Any woman who is incarcerated in the Clark County Jail, or any
inmate—female or male—at the Clark County Work Center can participate in the WORTH Program. Participants span many ages, cultures, and ethnicities.