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The Independent Living Skills (ILS) Program mission is to help youth and young adults successfully transition from state-supported care to independent living within our community. Education, resources, and advocacy empower program participants to define and achieve their goals.

Our ILS Program focuses on housing, education, and employment opportunities for young adults.The program helps youth envision, create, and manage a transition plan from state-supported care to successful independence. Foster care youth and alumni between 15 and 21 years old are eligible to participate in the ILS Program. Financial assistance is available for participants 18 and older.

Ready to live on your own?

You can move into your first apartment or shared-living space and we’ll help you with budgeting, gaining access to classes and information, gathering necessary home furnishings, understanding lease agreements, and other basics to get you started. Our group education sessions focus on independent living and social skills, including career planning, work, daily living, and study skills, communication, self-care, housing and money management, and building positive social relationships.

Ready to achieve?

We encourage you to complete and continue educational endeavors though collaboration with local school districts, colleges, and educational advocacy and youth workforce programs. We also assist you with accessing financial aid, scholarships, and grants. Move forward with your GED, college degree, or trade school certificate in hand!

Ready to support yourself?

Prepare for the world of work with mock interviewing, job shadowing, resume and cover letter writing, and exploring community resources. Join the youth workforce program, gain valuable skills through practical workforce training opportunities, or talk one-on-one with our advocates about the basics of job placement and work together to create your individualized employment plan. Our community resource room provides computers and Internet for your own research, preparation, and homework, and also offers general information on employment, education, and health resources in our community.

Get all the support, resources, and tools that empower you for your continued success.

For additional information, contact the ILS Program Director Bev Collins at 360 906 9144 or email hidden; visit site for full address.